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ing time behind the bars a●nd in the vain hope that my a▓ppeal will be successful. Bu▓t he is surprised when I infor●m him that I do not expect to su▓cceed in my appeal, and that● I

坋 keeper.I told


have made up my mind not to accept any favo●rs from the parties who were responsible for my ●prosecution and imprisonment, so that I ca▓n keep my ha

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nds free to act in case the▓re are further revelations. A few weeks la▓ter another Rabbi takes his place.A kinder and● gentler soul it would be di▓fficult to meet. The Si

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sters of Mercy● appear every month or so; they are loved an▓d venerated by the convicts.I have noti●ced that, unlike the other missionari

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es ▓who take care of our[Pg 164] spiritual welfa▓re, the Sisters never ask a convict: What cri●me did you commit but always: How lo▓ng must you serve Have you mother, siste

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r●, wife, or children What can we do to help ●them The Sisters never argue, discuss ▓or theorize about religion, but they ▓help the convicts in the only practical, u

●d pail covers.The enraged ke▓eper jumps up and down the ti●ers in a